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Budget friendly pointers for tiling in the house

Looking for tiles? A smart renovator can save thousands on their tiling project by following these handy cost-cutting suggestions.

Tiling is one of the most costly aspects of a bathroom remodelling. Not just do you have the cost of the tiles themselves but the labour can also be pretty costly.

Getting a lot on your tiling can mean the distinction in between a renovation that is available in on budget and an overall blowout. How do you understand what’s a reasonable rate and what’s downright burglary?

Tilers vary in rate per hour, however as a guide you can balance in between EUR40– EUR60 an hour. Prices do differ depending on the credentials of the tiler, the size of the job, site access and products. Raw materials like tiling glue and grout are generally consisted of in the labour rates– but not the tiles.

Tiles themselves naturally differ considerably in price. A bathroom can cost anywhere from EUR 50 to EUR 500 per square metre which adds up to either EUR2400n or a huge EUR 24,000 to just cover the walls of your average restroom (12m2 walls)– and that’s before you even tile the flooring.

And do not forget the expense of preparing the flooring bed linen, which is usually contributed to your overall expense and charged at an approx typical of EUR45 per m2, (as a guide just). Offered these figures it’s no wonder that tiling your restroom can develop into such a pricey exercise.

do you put adhesive on tile or wall

Tile the location required

The key to minimizing your tiling job is to cut back where you can. Instead of tiling your whole shower recess it could look just as efficient to only tile halfway up and paint the rest.

When more tiling does not really cost much more, there are some cases.

You might be surprised to find that there’s not much of a cost difference in between tiling to eye-level and tiling all the way approximately the ceiling (which can make a space appearance much larger) as you do not have to fork out for border tiles.

Or, for simply a smidge more you can develop an advanced looking bathroom by finishing off your tiled wall with some natural stone accents.

do you put tile adhesive on wall or tile

Repair not replace

If you don’t have the extra cash to tile your restroom from scratch you may be able to work with what you already have.. Sure, you may need to change a couple of broken tiles however you need to be able to bring the old tiles updated with a quick coat of tile paint.

Another cash conserving technique is to tile over the existing tiles. This will conserve you demolition costs, but don’t be too excited to pack away that sledgehammer as you’ll have to absolutely pull up the existing floor tiles or you’ll be faced with an uneven wall.

Store in the sales

Similar to your high street fashion stores, tile and homeware shops have sales, so the savvy consumer would wait for their tiles to be available, or a minimum of store just from the sale area– however make sure there’s enough of that tile in stock to permit a few breaks, it’s advisable to have a box extra in case a couple of break when being cut.

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